Keeping myself busy

I finally did something that I never thought I would do. Thanks to Karen (you know who you are!!!) I am so happy to finish a sweet yellow spring dress for my niece.  I can't wait to see her in this cute dress.

I will head off to the nearest post office to mail it, the first thing tomorrow.

This is the first dress that I have ever made. It was so challenging and fun!
I am addicted to sewing!!! The more things I put my hands on, the more I want to go further...Lets see where it takes me. :0)

At the moment, I am learning and having fun...Pratice makes perfect!!!! Yeah!


  1. Karen who? You did a beautiful job, it's hard to believe that this is your first dress! Are you sure you aren't a fashion designer in disguise? Now try a dress for YOU!

  2. This is sooo beautiful!

  3. Thanks Karen and Carolina!

    When I do become a fashion designer (if I ever will) you will have a tailor-made outfit hahahha!

  4. Obrigada Vanessa!!! :0)))