Journal for the new year

Here is my new creation for the new year. 
A map journal with a pocket watch. 
Something different means something special for someone close to ones heart.

Mystery Journal

Mystery journey to the unknown
Packing your bag and with your passport ready, you hold a journal to write what will come ahead....

Just point to this map and follow your heart....

Happy Journal

Used my Suminagashi work together with this Japanese fabric to create this journal
 Suminagashi is certainly a very fascinating work of art!

Paper Journal

Beautiful bookbinding paper from Hong Kong and some cork  materials from Portugal were used.

Pocket watch keyholder

Lovely creations can be made with just a simple thought of the mind!

 Just stamp the name on this real leather and attached to the watch and see great gifts to anyone!


Rest and relax to recharge new ideas

 Creating things keeps me calm and at peace.

Anyone is capable of creating things.

You need to love what you create and try out new ideas to be able to create what you really want.
Sometimes, we need to stop and relax so that new ideas come into our mind!

 Life is beautiful!

Pocket Book for writing your journey experience

Made this special bookbinding small size book that fits inside your pocket.

You can take it anywhere and if something comes into your mind, you can write it down.

The purpose of this pocket book is to write your journey experience, so that one day, you can read and recall good memories....

Patchwork and sewing

It was time to make something cozy, so I made this patchwork blanket that makes sleep even more peaceful!

Good sleep and wake up for a fresh new day!

And also some other sewing that I wanted to make for my house and for love ones:

 Cute and sweet

My latest creations GIZECRAFT


Created a new book using my own Suminagashi prints.

Some of the prints make you imagine and think of something....

Hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed experimenting this beautiful work of art!

Pocket Leather Journal
Inside cover, I used one of my prints.