Silk Spiral Journal

A Spiral Journal using silk for the cover is the latest creation of gizecraft!

As you can see the silk fabric is really beautiful and full of colors.

But this journal is a bit different from the others because it has a long tiny white ribbon that can be attached around it to give it a style.

Inside, there is also a grey paper holder. This is very convenient because sometimes, we need to write down something like telefone numbers, address or etc. So this is a secure place, where you can tuck in these small pieces of paper. 

I reall love this book cover because silk fabric is so beautiful!


  1. WOW! This is one of the prettiest journals I've ever seen. It's bright and cheery... very nice, Gize!!

  2. ohhh yessssss!superb!!! beijos dona dê!

  3. Thanks Karen and Dona D!!! :0))))

    I love it too.