Cortiça Box Book

Portuguese cortiça (cork Oak)

Cortiça material is one of the most famous product produced in Portugal.

It is estimated in wikipedia that Portugal produces approximately 50% of cork harvested annually worldwide. They are famous for being used for bottle stoppers, especially wine bottles.

Wikipedia information on cortiça:

 Nowadays, you can find hats, bags, shoes, etc made of this lovely material.

I had this crazy idea on creating a book using this material. Therefore, I worked my mind on deciding the design and there it is....and with its own bookmark!

This book is different from the rest of the books and journals because it is like a box with the book inside.
Besides, there is a ribbon for secure closure.

I have so enjoyed working on this new item.


  1. There is an American expression that describes this lovely journal...it is a bit like your fun personality...it's a corker! I really like this one!

  2. What a fun idea, now you can use the outside as a pin board, and transfer the best ideas to the inside :-)

  3. Karen, you make me laugh!!! :0)

    Hi Buechertiger!
    Love that idea! Thanks so much. Now you've got me thinking about some intereting styles....
    Your blog is so full of ideas!

  4. What a smart idea! And such a beautiful result! :)

  5. Thanks Kreativlink!
    Love your journals too...Very beautiful :0)))