G015 - Rainbow patchwork bag



What a cute and chic patchwork bag!

What to do with the leftovers fabrics, these small pieces of scraps?

An idea pop into my mind: Why not make a patchwork bag?

So, I start to think of the design, cut and match the fabrics to create the style that I like and consider unique.

The final outcome was kind of extraordinary to me. Who would have thought of scraps turning into something so cute and chic!

So, next time you intend to throw away your little fabrics, why not used them to make something smaller for yourself or someone else, it would be even better!

Now, I will need to concentrate on the strap. Let me think of the colour to balance the rest of the colours so that the main focus is the centre pattern of the bag.

As for the inside fabric, I have decided to use Indigo color (poplin fabric) because it is soft and beautiful.

Looking good!

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  1. Giselle10/31/2009

    Nice bag Angela! I love this one!