Patchwork scarf - Blues

Going to a fabric shop is a lot of fun because you get to feel the fabrics and think of what you are going to do. I always look around and my mind starts to feel with ideas. Some fabrics are so soft and beautiful. I like the touch of it.

At the moment, I am enjoying to work with felt and flannel fabrics. Therefore, I bought more colours to work with.

I decided to make another patchwork scarf. I wanted something soft and light. So I used  baby blue and brown flannel fabric.

I love to make double-sided things because you can change the style accordingly to suit what you wear and what you feel!


  1. Gize your blog is just beautiful! All your hard work is paying off. I love your new line of scarves too!

  2. Hey Karen!
    You are right on that! :0)
    I have two wonderful people to thank for...hehehe
    Soon, I will have more scarves coming and hope you will like them too.