Four seasons Patchwork bookmark

After a lot of trying and mistakes in combining fabric with batik paper, I finally finished the item.

I have created a set of 4 and named them Four Seasons!  

This experience was awesome because the fabrics are pastel colors and beautiful. Besides, I was so happy to find the Batik papers. I have always been fond of batik art because the colors are amazingly beautiful and full of life! That is when the idea of combining the two together to create something unique pop into my mind!

So what is Batik paper?
- The handmade paper is crushed and dyed, creating marble-like batik veining.

These patchwork bookmarks are lovely addition to your reading habits and great gifts!


  1. Batik paper! I can't wait to see the pictures. Those would make great gifts, Gize!

  2. Karen, hope you like them!

    Hugs :0)