Pastel colors

It was not difficult to search for these beautiful pastel color fabrics. They are so nice to look at.

It has that fresh feeling of spring!

They are for a new surprising item that I am working on.

Therefore, to welcome spring into our lives, I intend to give my first surprise item, as a gift if anyone can guess what is that under the fabrics!!! They are to be used in my new item!

***Keep guessing and comment until the 10th April.***

or email me at gizecraft@gmail.com

One giveaway! One winner!

Good Luck!!!


  1. A patchwork bag?... The colours are lovely, and this is a fun idea Gize!

  2. handmade and hand-dyed paper?

  3. Colors are eye catching. Is it hand dyed fabrics and doing a clutch?
    Good luck and have fun whatever you are doing.

  4. No guess... but I wanted to say how beautiful your pastel fabrics are!

  5. One person here is very close to guessing.....


  6. Thanks for participating!!

    The winner is lilydoveandchouchou...yeah congratulations Eva.

    Please send your address to my email: gizecraft@gmail.com

    So that is Batik paper:
    The handmade paper is crushed and dyed, creating marble-like batik veining.

    Batik papers are beautiful!!!

    Gizecraft :0)))