Inside my creative world

I have been enjoying being in my world of creation. Sometimes, it is not easy to divide my time in the hobbies that I have. But I have been enjoying so much making books and journals. It's like my mind is not allowing my hands to work on other things except bookbinding. The more I work on them, the more I feel confident in the final outcome.

I still love the silk fabrics that I use for the journals.

I have also been making small pocket notebooks. They are so convenient and uselful in our daily life!

It probably has occurred to all of us that you need to write down something and you just dont seem to have any piece of paper with you.....

So a pocket notebook comes pretty handy!


  1. Would you please tell me when I can buy one of these????? You are making too many beautiful ones and I will have trouble deciding which one to get!!

  2. hahahah...this one I am keeping for myself!!! :0)))