Two Treasuries in one week - Yeah!

Portuguese Etsy Sellers Treasury List by Pedro Nogueira

I get a feeling of great joy when someone appreciates my work and helps to promote it!
Pedro Nogueira was so sweet to include my spiral silk journal in this beautiful collection.
He has chosen such nice and talented work of Etsy Sellers in Portugal! 
Thanks Pedro and yes we do have so many talented handmade artist here. Congrats all!

Pedro Nogueira is a very talented photographer. I was so amazed at his beautiful photos that caught my eyes.
I would love to share with you so you can see for yourself:



Summer with the Lab Rats Treasury


Thanks  Lab Rats Team for including my Summer Journal in this lovely treasury.
What a nice way to enjoy summer looking at such beautiful collection. Sure that watermelon makes me hungry! Lab Rats congrats! This collection is going to get everyone wanting something special for the Summer.

If you still dont know about the Lab Rats Team, please feel free to take a look at their blog. It is filled with  wonderful information, ideas, help, advice for all Etsy Sellers:



  1. Olá :)

    Muito obrigado por divulgares o link do meu site de fotografia.
    É sempre bom quando alguém gosta do nosso trabalho.
    Prometo voltar aqui.
    Boa sorte!

  2. Pedro,
    Bom trabalho é para divulgar!
    O teu trabalho é lindissimo.
    Parabéns :0)))