My signature

After thorough thinking and designing my logo stamp in my mind, I have decided on this one:

Besides, on the last page of each of my books/journals, you will see this beautiful text that I have written just for you:
Hope you treasure each handmade book because the whole process of creating them takes time, patience and love. It is an enjoyment of zen feeling.
I believe each one of us should have our own personal book so that we can put some beautiful memories into writing. After some years, you will want to re-read your past memories as if it were today!
Enjoy your life and treasure each moment. 
Most of all, do remember to have fun.:0)


  1. Good morning Gizecraft! You did a very good job on your logo stamp, and the text in your book is beautiful. I'll have to see about geting one of your great journals as soon as the funds allow. :O) Great work!!!! Have a wonderful day!!!

  2. Ticc, you make me very happy with your beautiful comment!
    Thanks for appreciating my work.
    Hugs :0)))))