Here they are..

 My lastest exotic materials for my bookbinding come from London and Beijing!

I came across these beautiful chinese silk fabrics that I intend to create some new journals.

My next collection will be a fresh start to zen and exotic design. I am so excited and my mind is already thinking...Surprises coming!

The beige-yellowish writing papers are soft and nice for sketch drawing or writing! 

These green and white acrylic materials from London will make nice covers for my collection of journey writing journals.


  1. Your new material and fabrics looks lovely..can't wait to see the result! Hugs Eva

  2. Thanks Eva!

    I have some new collection coming soon. At the moment, just trying to focus on the design!
    Take care :0)

  3. You obviously had a great time shopping! Your new supplies are marvelous. Now...would you please hurry up and make some of these up? I can't wait to see!!