Now these handmade items made by me with lots of love and care can be bought in Hong Kong at K11 Art Mall!

The K11 Art Mall is the first Art Mall in Asia.

Please do go there to visit, you will be amazed at seeing so many beautiful handmade items; jewellery, bags, my books, iphone covers, etc!!! Who doesn't love Hong Kong right!

You might get yourself a nice present too.

I am so happy to be able to display my items:

- Chinese Agenda 2011
- Leather Agenda 2011
- Chinese Silk Journal
- Portuguese Cork Book

So what are you waiting for, go and start shopping for Christmas and New Year 2011!!!

Happy holidays! :0)


  1. They're great -your journals! Wish I could come to HongKong for some nice shopping! Good Luck ♥Eva

  2. Eva!
    Thanks so much!
    You should... So much to do and lots of fun!
    Hugs! :0)

  3. Gize that is just marvelous! Congratulations you deserve this!

  4. Thanks Karen!!!
    I am very happy and excited...
    Gonna start my next project on personal journals soon.
    Big Hug!

  5. Congratulations Gizecraft, well deserved. That is wonderful, and your journals are beautiful. Glad you hung in there. Have a wonderful day, and Happy Holidays!!!! ((((hugs)))
    Susan (ticc)

  6. Hey Susan,

    How have you been?
    Thanks so much for your comments.
    I am so glad you liked them.
    Merry Christmas to you!!!
    Take care :0)