DIY Items

Going to Hong Kong is always a lot of fun.

I headed to Leatherism in Hong Kong and Michael was really nice and friendly and his shop is filled with  lots of beautiful handmade items!!!

I was so happy to manage to get my equipments.

Therefore, it was time to start creating things and practising this work of art!
Working with leather is not easy and just like any other art, needs a lot of practise, patience and studying!

My creations:

A mix of sheepskin leather with pigskin leather that I have created a cute pinkish-bordeau wallet for a friend.

Brown leather that makes a nice key holder for my brother.
What I love about this leather is the worn out style that makes it look amazing nice.

The last and not the least, I had to make myself a phone cover! The leather is really soft and nice to hold.

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