DIY Leather Agendas 2012 at Megabox

If you happen to be in Hong Kong, which is one of the best place for shopping...

Go to MegaBox, a big shopping mall at Kowloon Bay with lots of great gifts for the season!

At HKID Gallery, you will see DIY products made by local artists as well as my Handmade Leather Agendas 2012.

They make great gifts for Christmas and New Year's. The agendas are created using real leather in various colors. Inside you will see Monthly and Weekly agendas besides some colorful papers for writing notes.

There is some handstitched and chinese bookbinding style in each agenda.

In each of this special agenda, there is also a paper holder for storing cards, notes or anything light!

These agendas were created to get the New Year 2012 well organized! 

Hope you love them too. :0)


  1. They look great! Happy sales!!

  2. Thanks Teo!

    Hope things are well with you.
    Merry Christmas and an excellent New Year!
    Hugs :0)

  3. Thanks for sharing, I will bookmark and be back again
    Leather Agenda

  4. Thanks so much Kiruthi Ka!

    Please feel free to visit my blog whenever you like.


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