Creative Weekend - Bookbinding

The art of bookbinding is beautiful!

Each step takes time and  requires attention to ensure that the threads are well sewed up. There are different type of stitches to sew up the book. The thread cannot be too tight or too loose. The process goes on and before you know, you hold the book into your hands and you just laugh happily!

This red book has a nice red flower fabric attached to 100% red cotton  (with acrylic covering) for the cover. Inside, there is an extra  grey paper holder for storing small notes, paper, etc.

 I have used a simple elegant white ribbon to fastened the book.

This could make a great gift to special ones!

For this beige book, I have decided on making a simple style and with a black strap on the right side.

This book is already reserved! :0)))

After having completed these two bookbinding books, I can start with some crazy and different styles....

Lets see what comes into my mind!!! :0)


  1. I just love the red one! You are doing so well with the books! :-)

  2. Thanks karen...:0))))