Purple Patchwork Book

I have been tempting myself to try the patchwork pattern in my bookbinding.

Therefore, I decided to take this into action.

After having sewed up the book and proceeded with the rest of the process. That is the first part of the fun and takes time. But I just can't help myself to think of the final cover! :0)

For this book, I used cute purple fabric and clued to form patchwork design. Then I combined with the grey material (100% cotton with acrylic covering, which makes it hard and used mainly for the bookbinding cover.

Inside, I have used a grey paper holder to contrast with the black paper.

Lastly, I have attached an elegant white ribbon to fasten the book.

A beautfiul diary has just been started...now waiting to have interesting writings on them!

With so much time spend on the computer, maybe it is time to hold a pen and start writing.......


  1. This purple book ir really charming! You havn't been to my place lately..you have a little 'secret' to pick up..http://angelpearls.blogspot.com/2010/05/in-process-i-processen.html

  2. Oh!!! wow! secret Yeah! Thanks so much Eva.
    I have been so got up with the new art of bookbinding. Yes..it is addictive! I am loving it!


  3. It's simply lovely... thank you for visiting and commenting my blog, I really appreciate =)

  4. Hi Pauline,

    You are most welcomed!