Shop online - Gizecraft portuguese cork oak books at Corkologie

I was so happy to be invited by Corkologie in chicago to list my portuguese cork oak books for sale!
Thanks Marco! Your shop is filled with beautiful items and I am so happy to be able to join your site!

Please visit


if you love products made with cork oak material.

So from now on you can shop for my items at corkologie!!!! Yeah!


  1. Hi! Something wrong with the link? Congrats to the post at the LabRats team -it was soo good! Have a great day! / Eva

  2. Hi Eva,

    Thanks for letting me know...it is always so nice to have friends to look out for you!
    A big hug!
    Now please take a look at the lovely items made from cork oak!

  3. Congratulations for the collaboration, would be wonderful to will bring in more sales!!
    I hope you are enjoying a lovely summer. Greetings from the north!

  4. Thanks Teo!
    I am in the north too! Thanks for the comments!
    Beijinhos :0)))

  5. Congratulaions! You are truly worldwide now :-)

  6. Good luck with packing and everything! Love your cork journals..maybe SantaClaus will bring me one, if I'm a good girl all fall long..Hugs/Eva

  7. Thanks Karen and Eva!!!
    Now I am gonna google to get Santa's mobile number hahahahha :0)