A sunny day to be creative

Been making something new for a change since I love to try new things.
This time I decided to make a portfolio holder.

It is completly different from making a book but it was a lot of fun and it is so nice to be able to make things that I can use to organize my papers and sketches.

Another item that I created is this lovely bordeaux color leather book. The beautiful exotic  black paper inside is a paper that I really love and decided to combine with this leather cover. 

Besides it has a long leather strap to secure this palm size book.


  1. You snuck these in on me! I love the bordeaux color oooooooh! Where is that one for sale?

  2. No no sorry!
    This is for my love one!
    Soon you might see some coming up.
    I will let you know ok!
    Meantime, just imagine the smell of these lovely leather hahaha!
    Hugs :0)))