2011 Chinese bookbinding agenda

I love challenges with my creations! I love to have fun and at the same time, learn new things.

Therefore, I learned Chinese binding also called stitched binding.

The method is very delicate and different from the binding that I have been making my journals. It was not difficult to learn and I was really happy how it turned out.
Since the new year 2011 is approaching, I designed my creation using agenda calender 2011 and combined with some nice lined color papers. For the cover, I wanted it to look chic and elegant, therefore, I used real sheepskin leather. Just love the touch of it...

Getting ready for the new year! The best gift for loved ones!

I created a collection of four colors; Brown/Bordeaux/Green/Black.
The cover papers are grey and in the middle, I put sharp matching color papers for each book.

Sometimes, we look at something and think that it is difficult to make. But when you put your hands to it and give it a try with lots of love....it is really so easy!

But the most rewarding is the fun you get from creating!


  1. I absolutely agree! Making them is the best part of all. I'd love to see photos of these!! Your books seem to get better and more beautiful each day!

  2. Hi Teo,
    Thanks so much. Just posted the fotos and hope you like them.
    Been busy with new creations for sale in Hong Kong during Christmas and New year 2011!
    Hope your creation is going as lovely as always!
    Gonna pop into your blog..... :0)
    Hugs and Kisses