Some items that I have been creating lately....

I have been doing some research, reading magazines and thinking...

With the lovely materials that I have gathered around, I decided to make some new items.

First, I used the lovely calligraphy chinese papers and combined with a nice green cork oak material. I love the outcome that makes it so special! I love this green cork oak material that I bought in Portugal. It is different from the previous typical brownish color that I have created some nice cork oak books.

Inside there is also a paper holder for storing things.

Next, I created this exotic green sheepskin leather journal in lined papers. The leather journals are really beautiful and smells so good. I think they are the best for presents because they are all so unique.

I have some writings that I  have placed on the last page of every book to make it more special and personal!

Inside, there are two paper holders on the front and back. They are elegantly looking and the journal has a tiny leather to fasten after writing.

Now these little palmsize notebooks are so cute and sweet. I have been playing around with the colors to make them seem playful and fun.

Here below you will see these nice little books like telefone books, agenda, etc.
I have used a Japanese style of bookbinding to make them. Therefore, I have used some nice origami papers, batik papers, etc to try to make some. They are great for making little books for poem gifts, notes writing. 

You will notice the thread makes it look nice and simple.

Hope you like them and thanks for visiting my blog :0)


  1. Really like your new designs -the small notebooks are soo cute! Love/ Eva

  2. Eva, you are so so sweet!

    Thanks for the compliment.
    gonna go to your blog and take a look.
    hugs :0)

  3. Fantastic idea, the little books are so cute!

  4. Thanks Rita!
    Have a great creative weekend!
    Kisses :0)