Gizecraft DIY Journals at K11 Art Mall

During my visit to Hong Kong to deliver my ready for sale Journals at K11 Art Mall, I managed to take some photos of displays of my work.

Besides, I also took some time to take a look at so many beautiful DIY (do it yourself) products created by so many talented artist!

Everyone's creation is so unique and each product is carefully thought for someone special to own and treasure.

These lovely leather journals have been created using real leather and can also be purchased at K11:

Colors: Green/Bordeaux/Brown/Black
Inside are underlined papers for easy writing!


  1. They're really beautiful -your journals! Nice to see them in the mall. Have a nice day/Eva

  2. Thanks Eva!

    I am so happy most of the journals were sold out!
    They loved the leather agenda.
    Big Hugs