Artist Journal

After careful organizing and thinking, my first project on Artist Journal is completed!

These Journals are for specific writings. The first is for Photographers/Writers. This journal is separated by three parts.

The first is for Notes to Ponder.... There are some white unlined papers followed by lined papers for easy writing and dropping notes with sketches.

At the end of the underlined paper is a black envelope that can be used to hold notes, ideas, papers, etc.

After the black envelope there are some white papers which ends with a black cardpaper.

Next is the second part for Inside contains....Here you will find acid free paper for your photos negatives, small photos, etc.

At the end is again a black cardpaper.

Now is the third part for Don't forget.....Here you will find dated pages so that you can plan ahead what you need to do. Besides, you can write down things that you have to remember. You will be amazed how the dates can be of great help!

At the end is a recycled newpaper envelope with nice photography snaps on them. Here you can hold anything light regarding photos or writings!

This Artist Journal is created for any artist who can hold the journal with everything carefully thought for them.

Soon, there will be more journals for other artist such as, painters, musicians, journey writers, culinary writers, etc...anything that helps them to get their work organized and get inspired!


  1. What a great idea! The journal is so beautiful!

  2. Thanks Teo!

    I am so happy you liked them. I love the idea of creating something useful and challenging!
    Hope you are fine!
    Big hugs....