Ceramic and bookbinding

Creating is already part of my life. I enjoy so much because I get to focus on what I want to create, think of the colors and patterns....and forget about the rest of the world!!!

This foto was taken during my pottery classes. It does seem easy but not if you are trying for the first time. But then with time, you just enjoy, even though it takes a lot of patience and time.

I have been creating some little tea cups with patterns on them.

This foto was taken in my pottery school and you can see works of lots of the students there. Some of them are very professional already!

These are the little tea cups that I have created using bronze colors matching with white color!

Since I have been working on bookbinding, I wanted to create something unique.  Therefore, I have been talking to my dear friend who is an artistic herself and she gave me an idea....she told me, since I am creating various things, why dont I apply them together and create something of my own!!!
Therefore, I decided to make some experience with ceramic by applying some patterns to them. Here you can see them in different colors and patterns. Now, I need to design how to put them on my bookbinding Journals. I already have some slight ideas.....you will just have to wait and see!!! :0)


  1. What an amazing original idea!! I can see these tiles turning into simply fabulous books!

  2. Oh Thanks Teo!!!

    Your comments mean a lot to me.
    It is really so nice to experience something brand new!

    Hugs! :0)