Something else being created!

I have been creating various things and filling my mind with ideas.

I handmade this phone cover using the brown real leather. 

I was really happy with the outcome. 

Every time, I look at these beautiful leather, I love the scent and start thinking what I can create.

All of these leathers are from Portugal and I had to find a way to get some here in China. 

Therefore, I went to Guangzhou to the leather market and they had just about anything.

These are the leathers that I bought and I cant wait to go there again. Lucky me being so close to Guangzhou!

I had a great time walking and looking around. They do have anything that you can think of. They have supplies of all the materials that you need to create things.

I missed my bookbinding art. Therefore, I went back to creating leather journals. This journal is very well organized with forms that you can write down your own informations on the first page.

As you can see, on the last page is an envelope to hold some of your important small papers or anything that you think you might want to get back to!

This is a DIY wallet that I have also created:

And last but not the least, I created a passport holder:

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